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We are professional Tax and Accounting firm geared up to service your average hard working small business owner. The mission behind Total Business Solutions, LLC is to provide the optimum Tax Strategy by employing the most efficient entity structure, educating our clients on the ever-changing world of business, and keeping accurate books, all while staying abreast of the rules and regulations of the IRS.

Total Business Solutions, LLC is a unique firm that approaches the Tax and Accounting side of business in way that most accounting firms do not employ.  In other words we base our success off of the amount of money you save as opposed to the amount of money you spend on us!

Every year I literally witness millions of dollars going to the IRS.  Without a proper strategy a great bulk of those dollars are unnecessary. Let's keep that money in your hands working for you!

Our company began in the same fashion that most of our clients have. So we understand the trials and tribulations of the small to mid-size business owner. With all the money going out of our business for the necessities, it is important to be efficient and not allow our money to get into the hands of those that do not deserve it!
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